Problems to Solve

Current State of the Market

With countless projects coming out and data becoming more and more vital, numerous tools and dashboards studied ways to provide you crucial information that can potentially help you decide on your next move. This birthed products such as:
  • Sweeping Tools: Genie.xyz and Gem.xyz
  • Analytic Dashboards: Icytools, Alphasharks, NFTNerds, MobyGG, Coniun
  • Tools & Ranking: TraitSniper Extension, Flippr
So many choices, so many options...

What's the Key Difference?

Popular tools nowadays are driven by Data, meanwhile Tōkun is driven by Automation. A hands free experience. Tōkun takes the data you are familiar with, and takes action from your preferences on Ethereum and Solana.
Wish for a collection to reach a certain floor and automatically snipe one up? Sorry, browser tools cannot do so for you, but Tōkun can snipe it up for you while you are away. Wish to prepare for a mint but cannot create an extra few wallets on the go? Tōkun just generated you the wallets you needed in a few milliseconds. Wondering what your total unrealized profits are after collecting months and months of NFTs but scattered around on different wallets? Tōkun aggregates and displays them visually for you with just a few clicks.
Data is crucial, but it is useless without action.


With Tōkun, we've encompassed the very features the products mentioned above provide. Not only that, you'd be able to analyze, aggregate, and view all of your portfolio's profits and losses, liquidity and spending in a single place. Have options to distribute money evenly to as many wallets as you wish and and mass mint a single project with custom gwei. Monitor your favorite collection, and be notified in any channel you designate. Review rankings based off of all your favorite ranking websites without having to visit these websites separately. Perform bulk actions such as listing, cancelling, sweeping, and bidding for all the NFT's you own. And of course, many more we're actively aiming to provide to our community.
The Tōkun team is here not only to create an exceptional experience, but to also create the most versatile and beautiful technologies into the hands of an everyday NFT trader.