Comparison Table

Tōkun App
Flippr Tool
NFT Sensei
Multi-Wallet Support (1)
Multi-Currency Support (2)
Wallet Analytics
Collection Monitoring
Bulk Listing
Bulk Bidding
Bulk Sweeping
Bulk Cancelling
Multi-Collection Sweeping
Conditional Sweeping (3)
Rarity Ranking/Sniping
Trait Sniping
Floor Sniping
Mass Auto Contract Minting (4)
Mass Wallet Generation/Funds Distribution
Custom Real-Time Alerts (5)
Private RPCs/Nodes
(1) Use, import, access all the wallets you own, instead of being stuck to 1 wallet. (2) Supports Ethereum and Solana (or more). (3) Setup a certain price or number of NFT's AND at the price you wish to sweep at, and the toolbox will sweep only when the conditions are met. Hands free. (4) Mint using all of the wallets you own available, not just being stuck to 1 wallet maximum.
(5) Set custom alerts for the collections you want to monitor, and be notified on the go. Remarks: Tools in the market asking their customers to rely on OpenSea's API keys are severely limited by the frequent rate limits people encounter. Tōkun is committed to not only optimizing your experience, but also reducing reliance or in most cases independent from relying on OpenSea's API.