Being a Tōkun App Access Pass holder has its immense benefits and utility, not only do you gain access to an exclusive product, you also gain access to a rewards system, leaderboards system that rewards you for utilizing our product in various ways. All coming in Phase 3!
Oh, you also get to earn with Tōkun when you aren't using our products. For example, below is a breakdown of how we aim to distribute our royalties:

Rewards Distribution - Royalties

Active Users - Rewards System, Leaderboards System
Staked, Inactive Users - Take a break, cashback
Founding, Development Team
3 month
* 50% is dedicated to the Holders with immediate withdrawals of their rewards monthly. Actively use our product? Complete challenges and collect prizes for using our product! However, need to take a break from Tōkun and NFT's in general? Stake your Tōkun Access Pass and be on your way, come back to unclaimed rewards.
** 50% is dedicated to the Founding/Development Team with a 3 month cooldown before rewards dispurse, not only are we dedicated to building Tōkun, we strictly allow our project's growth and practicality reflect into volume in the secondary markets. This is why there are no monthly costs as a Tōkun pass holder.
Last modified 6mo ago