Product Roadmap

Phase 1

Beta Testing, Outreach

Phase 1 is focused on building the presence of Tōkun and bridging with impactful projects in the NFT space. While the project starts collaborating with other projects, our team will also be performing stress tests and vulnerability tests to make sure our product is ready to be accessed upon launch. All of the product's features will be heavily tested so that we mitigate any possible bugs that can arise with hundreds of thousands of users utilizing the product.
  • Phase 1 Begins
  • Internal Beta Testing
  • Stress Test
  • Expand and Grow Twitter
  • Collaborations, Outreach

Phase 2

Mint, Expansion

Phase 2 will be focused on putting the product into Tōkun enthusiast's hands. From whitelist to mint, we will ensure that the product is readily available to all holders upon launch. While our team is focusing on the infrastructure and stability of our products, bugs are inevitable. However, the development team alongside a well trained support team will be ready to help and have our holders be on their way!
After mint and smashing all the initial bugs, we will heavily focus on expanding our team and also introduce future features that holders will gain access to. That could include, and not limited to: Mobile app, Holder's only Portal, and more!
  • Mint of Tōkun App
  • Expand the Tōkun Development Team
  • Construct a Product Roadmap, Features List
  • Adapt Suggestions made by Holders

Phase 3

Growth, Rewards

Phase 3 will be focused on the growth of the product, and also expanding our product to other projects. While web3 has mainly been mostly dominated with art projects, we'll begin exploring ways to partner with projects and bringing utility to them. That is to say, Tōkun access pass holders will also be heavily rewarded for holding onto their access passes.
  • Tōkun App brings utility to other partnering projects
  • Tōkun Rewards
  • Expand the product line of Tōkun, both digitally and IRL, exclusive to Tōkun holders and it's partnering collections
  • Fund, champion any impactful start-up's that can grow the Tōkun brand and the web3 space

Phase 4

Value, Adaptation

While phase 4 isn't 100% clear, it is just like any cryptocurrency graph, unstable and also unknown. However, Tōkun is focused on the long term for it's holders, and will actively find ways to find value for it's holders. That is to say, we'll continue to adapt to whichever way the NFT space goes!
Of course, at no extra cost