Welcome to Tōkun App!

Tōkun App is a true NFT traders companion, providing the most versatile and beautiful technologies into the hands of an everyday NFT trader.
Why Tōkun App? Data is prevalent in the NFT space, numerous tools and dashboards studied ways to provide you crucial information that can potentially help you decide on your next move, Tōkun takes this a huge leap forward. Not only do you get the necessary information you need, you also get to aggregate it, automate it, and also visualize it. Have a floor you wish to sweep but only wish to do so if it reaches a certain price? Tōkun can do it for you, just set it up and go to bed. A true hands-free experience.
In essence, Tōkun App is designed to help you discover, track, automate, and aggregate NFT's all in a single place. Stay ahead and be the first into the action before anyone does with Tōkun. All at a competitive and sustainable lifetime cost.
Without further ado, let us show you what we have in store
Here, we have broken down the information into 3 different categories:
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